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The ‘FairyTales’ design sums up every things that BeMine Designs is about…its personal, its fun and its different!

It came about through my own personal quest to find something a bit different for my own invitations, all our guests knew I was a Graphic Designer so were expecting something really special…and I think they got it! The reaction to this was amazing and you could have the same. Each design is created especially for you, choose your type combinations, choose your colours and choose your format.
All I need is an outline of how you and your partner got to where you are today, a willingness for you to laugh at yourselves and the more quirky little facts and quips the better! Reading the designs below should give you an idea of the information that works, but here are a few ideas…

Where/how you met
Your jobs when you first met

Your first date
Your first kiss
Where you have lived together
Any ups and downs along the way (that you are willing to share!)
When you first said ‘I Love You’
How you got engaged

The more information you can give me the better….it might not all be used but the more variety, the better the story will be.

Don’t forget the ‘extras’…we can create Reply Cards, Save the Dates, Order of Ceremonies,  Menus, Table Plans, Table Names and Place Cards to match your design!




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